How do I travel to Dublin, Ireland from Nigeria, Africa?

How do I travel to Dublin, Ireland from Nigeria, Africa?
  • 30 Jul 2023

Planning the Journey from Nigeria to Dublin

Let me tell you, friends, traveling is not for the faint-hearted, and an international trip is like the Olympics of journeys. This isn't a simple hop from Lagos to Kano but a continent-spanning odyssey that takes one from the beating heart of Africa to the vibrant, misty charm of Ireland. So, how do you get from Nigeria to Dublin? It does seem like a daunting adventure, doesn't it? Well, fear not, because your buddy Griffin here is going to help map out this quest for you.

In my case, the ultimate companion for such journey tends to be Barkley, my Golden Retriever. Though I do dream about bringing him every time I travel, the reality of international air travel restrictions typically shatter such dreams. Other companions, like my son Marcus, are slightly more portable, but he'd rather stay home to stick fingers in the peanut butter jar than gallivant around the globe with his old man.

Selecting the Right Airline

So, where do we start on this amazingly complex matrix of international travel? By picking the right airline, of course! Now hold on; it's not as simple as those flight comparison websites might lead you to believe. You can't just filter by price and hit the 'buy' button. You've got grunt work to do. Compatibility, baggage allowances, layovers, and cabin comfort should all be factors you need to consider.

Thankfully, Nigeria has multiple international airports, including Murtala Muhammed International Airport and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, both of which provide flights to Dublin. Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and Lufthansa are among the airlines that service this route, though, I must say, a sweet-talker like me can't resist the pull of a good old Aer Lingus Irish hospitality.

The Layover Conundrum

Depending on your selection, the odds are you'll be having at least one stopover. Istanbul, Frankfurt, and Dubai are common cities for layovers on this route. Every layover brings its own unique challenges. You've got to figure out where the good lounges are, where the nearest bathrooms are, and most importantly, where to get the best food. If you're lucky, you might stumble upon a darn good Turkish Delight in Istanbul or a mouth-watering Bratwurst in Frankfurt, all in the name of surviving a layover.

Remember! The majority of us aren't jet-setters used to whizzing around the globe at the drop of a hat. So when you're stuck in a foreign airport at three in the morning, you have to entertain yourself. Personally, my solution usually involves a book, a cup of coffee, and making up wild backgrounds stories for my fellow sleep-deprived travellers.

Arriving in Dublin – The Emerald Isle

Once you've somehow managed to pull through the layover, next up is landing in Dublin - the city of literature, Guinness, and unrivalled charm. Do prepare yourself to handle the pretty unpredictable Irish weather. Even the locals take it with a pinch of salt, often joking, "If you don't like the weather in Dublin, don't worry, it will change in five minutes." Packing a light raincoat wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Remember the first time you picked up a James Joyce novel and couldn’t understand a word of it? Well, you might feel the same way landing in Dublin. Irish folks tend to speak at a mile-a-minute with lilting accents that befuddle the untrained ear. But don't worry, you'll get used to it in no time. The Irish are famously warm and welcoming, and they'll happily repeat themselves until you understand or give up.

When you touch down, I recommend you hop on a bus to get straight to the city center. Dublin isn't a sprawling metropolis, and it's fairly easy to navigate. You could also hire a taxi from the airport if you have heavy luggage and don't feel like schlepping it onto a bus.

Now, folks, don’t forget our journey from Nigeria to Dublin doesn’t conclude at the airport's exit. It’s all about immersing into the local ambience, exploring the city's beauties like Trinity College, Guinness Brewery, Temple Bar and more. After all, what’s travel without enjoying the destination, right?

Well, there you have it! Griffin's guide to venturing from Nigeria to Dublin. Buckle up, anticipate a few bumps along the way, but remember, every good trip has its mishaps - it's all part of the adventure. Now if you'll excuse me, Barkley’s been circling my suitcase for a while now, thinking we’re off on a trip again. Better go calm him before he starts packing his toys!

Posted By: Griffin Faraday

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